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September 9-10, 2022 - The OSTA state convention will be held at the Noble County Fairgrounds, 44163 Fairground Rd., in Caldwell, Ohio.  For convention vendor reservations or other information, contact Chris & Sara O'Banion at 937-414-2517.

Ohio State Trappers Association

OSTA Convention

Admission: $5 at the gate

Camping: $10 primitive, $25 with electric

Tailgating: $15 and $25
• Live Trapping Demonstrations 8am to 5pm Friday & Saturday
• General Business Meeting 6pm Friday
• Officers Meet & Greet 7pm Friday
• Junior Colony Trap Building 9am Saturday
• Junior Snare Building 10am Saturday
• OSTA Fund Raiser Auction 6pm Saturday
Demo Schedule

Friday, September 9
8am: Dustin Caudill, Beaver Trapping
9am: Doug Lee, Muskrat Trapping
10am: DJD Fur Co., Fur Handling Tips & Tricks
11am: Ken Stewart, Snaring
12pm: Chris O'Banion, Nuisance Trapping
1pm: Jeff Robison, Canine Trapping
2pm: Bill Davis, Beginning Raccoon Trapping
3pm: Glen Witchey, Raccoon Trapping
4pm: Jim Cundiff, Beaver & Otter Trapping

Saturday, September 10
8am: Mark Stackhouse, Weasel Trapping
9am: Hal Sullivan, Trap Modifications
10am: Tim Ackerman, Mixed Bag Water Trapping
11am: Colton Morris, Coyote Trapping
12pm: Karen Linkhart, Trapping with Your Significant Other
1pm: Eric Freeland, Raccoon Trapping
2pm: Scott Welch, Trapline Tips

September 9-10, 2022: OSTA Convention, Caldwell, OH

October 1, 2022: OSTA Region B Meet

October 22, 2022: OSTA Region A & Region C Meets

October 29-30, 2022: Advanced Trapper Workshops