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All first-time trappers must successfully complete a hunter and a trapper education course offered through the Division of Wildlife before purchasing a hunting license and Fur Taker Permit to trap furbearers.

When taking the home study course, read your manual carefully.
Instructions for registration, reviews and exams can be found at ODNR Trapper Education.

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Many of the OSTA workshops will offer the Trapper Education Course. Ask the instructor if this is offered at the workshop you want to attend. Pre-registration with the workshop is required. Please speak with workshop contact person NOT the Ohio Division of Wildlife office to register.
For more information about trapping education please contact Keith Daniels.

Keith Daniels
P.O. Box 111
Arlington, Ohio 45814

Phone: (419) 365-5321
Fax: (419) 365-1012

Email: [email protected]
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Raccoon Skinning
Beaver Fleshing
Canine Handling
Muskrat Handling
Build a Colony Trap
Mink Handling
Beaver Stretching
Raccoon Fleshing & Stretching

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Advanced Trapper Workshops
October 29-30, 2022

The Ohio State Trappers Association provides one $750 yearly college scholarship called the Charles L. Dobbins - Bob Fissell Memorial Scholarship.
The scholarship is open to OSTA members and their families.

View more information about the scholarship and download an application.
Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area
19100 Co. Hwy 115, Harpster, OH 43323 (3 miles SW of Harpster, Wyandot/Marion Co.)
Contact: Keith Daniels (419) 365-5321

Delaware Wildlife Area Public Shooting Range
1358 OH 229, Ashley, OH 43003 (8 miles north of Delaware)
Contact: Bill Davis (614) 531-5630

Deer Creek Wildlife Area & State Park
12552 Post Rd., Rt. 1, Mt. Sterling, OH 43143 (4 miles east of Mt Sterling, Fayette/Pickaway Co.) Contact: Mark Stackhouse (740) 606-1568

Highlandtown Wildlife Area
16760 Spring Valley Rd., Salineville, OH 43945 (4 miles east of Salineville, Columbiana Co.) Contact: Vern Snyder (330) 223-1683)

Killbuck Wildlife Area
1691 Centerville Rd., Shreve, OH 44676
(between SR 226 & SR 83 east of Shreve, Wayne Co.)
Contact: Josh Wengerd (330) 464-4861

Magee Marsh Wildlife Area
13229 W State Rte. 2, Oak Harbor, OH 43449
(10 miles north of Oak Harbor, Ottawa Co.)
Contact: Doug Lee (419) 333-6653

Mercer Waterfowl Management Area
6115 State Rte. 703, Celina, OH 45822 (3 miles south of Celina, Mercer Co.)
Contact: Harry Kinnison (937) 564-3831

Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area
8303 N. Park Ave., North Bloomfield, OH 44450 (15 miles north of Warren, Trumbull Co.) Contact: Randy Deiter (330) 978-4278

Salt Fork Wildlife Area
61656 Salt Fork WA, HQ Rd., Lore City, OH 43755
(9 miles NE of Cambridge, Guernsey Co.)
Contact: Kris May (330) 987-5149

Powhatan Point Wildlife Mgmt. Area/Broken Timber
42722 State Rte. 7, Clarington, OH 43915 (3 miles south of Powhatan Point, Monroe Co.) Contact: Keith Jones (740) 213-3880

Berlin Lake Wildlife Area
1806 Bonner Rd., Deerfield, OH 44411 (Workshop is in the Fewtown Rd. Bldg., Portage Co.) Contact: Jim Duckworth (330) 206-7161

Cooper Hollow Wildlife Area
5403 CH & D Road, Oak Hill, OH 45656 (6 miles NE of Oak Hill, Jackson Co.)
Contact: Dustin Caudill (740) 645-4514

Indian Creek Wildlife Area
4258 Snowhill Rd., Fayetteville, OH 45118 (1 mile SE of Fayetteville, Brown Co.)
Contact: Ken Pennington (513) 630-6298

Shawnee State Forest Headquarters
13291 US 52, West Portsmouth, OH 45663 (Scioto County)
Contact: Eric Freeland (513) 582-1616

REMINDER: To register for a workshop, please only
contact the instructor listed for that workshop. Do Not contact the Division of Wildlife or any workshop area.

September 8-9, 2023: OSTA Convention, London, OH